Twelfth Annual Parker 92+ Party

The holiday season is fast approaching and it is time for our favorite annual holiday party. The Parker Party is the final touch on another year of enjoying the finest wines, delicious food and great friendships.

Event Info

What: Parker 92+ Holiday Party
Where: Webster residence, see invite for details
When: December 16th (Saturday night), 5:00 – 10:00 p.m. (Arrive at your leisure)
Cost: Chaîne members & Spouse No Charge! Prospective Members: $75.00 per person, plus one bottle per person of Parker 92+ rated wine or Champagne and a favorite homemade appetizer for 6 people (per couple). NOTE: If your guest joins the Chaîne the fee will be applied to the first year’s local dues.
Attire: Holiday Festive, decorations optional but welcomed

Additional Info

Bring one bottle per person (or one magnum per couple) of your finest French, Napa Valley, Italian wine or French Champagne. We will also supplement our wine offerings with left over wine from previous Parker Party’s. Continuing by popular demand, we are using a Parker (or equivalent) rating of 92+. As of last year, we have added the Spectator and the Wine Enthusiast ratings of 92+ to give you more options.

As usual, please bring your favorite wine friendly, hopefully, homemade hors d’oeuvres/appetizer for 6 people per couple to share with your fellow Chaîne members and guests. A couple of important notes: First, please fix a label on BOTH your wine and appetizer plate to make identification easier for our staff. Second, it would be great if you include a card with your appetizer, detailing your name and what culinary delight we are enjoying. Feel free to include as much detail as you like.

Please consider that bringing two different wines per couple limits how many people can taste a particular wine. The average bottle will produce approximately 12 two ounce pours. We encourage you to reach out to other members and or guests and consider sharing the cost of a large format bottle. As an added inducement, we will alter the one bottle per person requirement to assist with keeping the cost within reason. Members that bring a magnum would count for 2 members & guests, if a member or guest brings a 3 liter bottle that would count for 6 members & guests, if a member or guest brings a 6 liter bottle that would count for 14 members & guests. We have plenty of decanters and we will decant all large format bottles.